NBA Finals VLOG with Kevin Shaw

June 13, 2012

The debate continues in today’s VLOG as I discuss the NBA Finals with Kevin Shaw


Steve Costello VLOG with Kevin from The Circle

June 1, 2012

Today’s VLOG features me talking with Kevin from The Circle about the NBA Conference Finals. This was filmed yesterday before the Thunder threw down on the Spurs.

NBA Playoffs VLOG 5/16/12

May 16, 2012

Today’s VLOG features Kevin from The Circle and Chris & Jeremy from TR Luxury

Today’s VLOG

May 2, 2012

Today’s VLOG with Doc Gooden

Welcome JJ, Giants Draft Day Reminds Me of Ahmad Bradshaw

April 26, 2012

OK, last night I was at Butter, for a great party.

Shout out to Christopher Quincy.


When I think of the NFL draft you have to think of the steals, deals, and disappointments.

The Giants stole Ahmad Bradshaw (who now has two Super Bowl rings and plays with the heart of a lion). He is one of the best guys I have ever met in sports.

His rookie year, we would go grocery shopping and he would make Filet’s with a dreamy sauce and rice medley.  Ahmad has the extra gear, determination, and is the glue of the giants running game.  Big fumble recovery in Super bowl 42, and a few big plays down the stretch in the 2011.


Will there be an Ahmad in round six this year????

I think the way the Giants built both Super bowl teams was genius, as they combined experience, youth, and free agents.

The 2007 receiving core was Toomer, Burress, and Tyree, this year was Cruz, Manningham, and Nicks.

The entire Giants offense basically turned over in four years.  Eli, BJ, Ahmad, and Tom Coughlin, steady at the helm.

Lawrence Tynes….love the big kicks.   Tomorrow is Friday and I am giving away the Doc Gooden inscription ball.  You need to follow me on twitter

One of the greatest guys here at Steiner is JJ.  He does it all and is friendly knowledgeable and a great guy.  He is off site quite a bit at shows and games, so you will see him around.

Today he joins me in the blog.

One Punter Selected

April 25, 2012

You never know what’s going to happen at Steiner Sports.  Every day is different, and you never know what’s coming at you. A small morning meeting yesterday, I look up, and walking into Brandon’s office is Grand Ma Ma . 

So I say hey GRANDMAMA!

He says you can call me Larry.  No way, my whole life had I wanted to call you Grand Ma Ma.

Ladies and gentleman Larry Johnson is in the building.  Yes, he signed a Grand ma ma ball but you can’t have it, NOT FOR SALE!  lol

Then, all other crazy things are breaking loose, and I look up and I hear Winning and Grinning, no not the word man. 

I proudly show him my Grand Ma Ma ball, and tell him Larry was here.

Now, Clyde is signing Stumbling and Bumbling through the office and signing basketballs and squeezing in CROWD MUMBLIN. Doesn’t get any better than that! Tell me your favorite Clyde quote and be sure to visit his restaurant.

Come on folks help me get to the 4k twitter followers ……maybe I part with the beautiful Grand ma ma ball.

Why the craziness over the NFL draft? 

Name one player from last year in the top ten, Cam Newton doesn’t count. 

Ok you can’t, how many punters were selected? 

 One, Matt Bosher by Atlanta. 

 My favorite punter in the world is Steve Weatherford, I have my reasons. 

Number 2 selection last year, Von Miller, no way anyone remembers that. But draft means draft party. 

Party is what it’s all about.  Thank goodness for parties, as that keeps us busy.  Today was another crazy day, and it’s just beginning.  I had a super scare as I almost could not do my blog today.

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A “Perfect Weekend”

April 23, 2012

 Boston pitcher Babe Ruth started a game against the Washington Senators in 1917. The Babe walked lead-off batter Ray Morgan. 

The Babe immediately went to home plate to scream at umpire Brick Owens after ball four; Ruth became so enraged that he punched Owens in the face.  Not surprising it earned the Babe Ruth a 10-day suspension.

Please meet Ernie Shore. Shore came in to replace the Babe. The batter Ruth walked was caught trying to steal. Then Shore retires all 26 men he faces in a 4-0 win. Because he didn’t start, his perfect game is not considered official.  Shore had eight nice years in the majors, finishing with a 602 winning percentage.  Like Ruth, he was sold to the Yankees.  At any rate Shore joined the near perfection list.

I am a huge perfect game fan, and the perfect game defines the craziness off baseball.

The first perfect game, Cy Young of course, in 1904.

Perfect game pitchers in HOF, 5, Bunning, Joss, Koufax, Hunter, Young.

Perfect game pitchers headed for the Hall of Fame, Roy Halladay, and Randy Johnson.

Remember Philip Humber?

Oh No…… Not Philip Humber.

Philip Humber who earlier in the day had less twitter followers than me. Damn.

Philip Humber joined the 21 Club, as the 21st pitcher to go perfect.  I think

Harvey Haddix and Pedro Martinez belong, that makes it 23 for me.  Just my opinion.

Then Philip joins the magnificent seven, Ex Mets with No No’s, 

Phil allow me to introduce you to Doc Gooden, Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Tom Seaver, David Cone, Al Leiter, and Hideo Nomo.

You are now and always will be part of a very special club.

Last week was a fun and exciting week as always at Steiner.  The 30 balls in 30 days giveaway is in full swing on sports grid

Tonight is extremely exciting as we have Eli Manning and Victor Cruz at the Times Center for a great chat with host Brandon Steiner.    

We have an incredible deal where you can watch this live and get a Steiner Sports $25.00 Gift card. 

Then the week moves to lots of excitement with Lord and Taylor (by the way the new store in Ridge Hill is amazing, Cheesecake factory right across the street if you’re hungry after shopping).

A must see this week is Bob Gibson on Thursday at the Steiner Store.  The guy was so good they lowered the mound.  I need to ask Bob on Thursday how he never had a perfect game?

Other weekend notes, Had the beautiful Vincent’s sauce with fresh mozzarella from Arthur Avenue.

Doc Gooden tweeted me last night, as I was tweeting about Ex Mets with no no’s he thinks Niese will get one soon.  OK Doc, it’s only been fifty years, and only the Mets and Padre’s have yet to throw a no no.

It was Jack Nicholson’s birthday.  Saw him on celebrity row as World Peace was disturbingly elbowing James Harden.   How many great players does Oklahoma City wheel out every night?

Landry Fields, love the threes!  Love the victory.

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