Wild Sports Weekend

April 30, 2012

Weekend Rewind

I actually don’t even  know where to start; this weekend in sports was crazy to say the least.

It needs to be said that I was devastated by the injuries suffered by Derrick Rose and Iman Shumpert.  I never enjoy seeing a star injured but it is especially upsetting to see such a horrible outcome in the NBA playoffs as a player’s championship hopes are lost in the blink of an eye, or in this case the tweak of a knee.  Sending get well wishes to Rose & Shumpert and hoping for their speedy and full recoveries!

I broke out my Steiner hoodie Friday night for the Yankees’ game garnering much attention and admiration from the fans lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it (we’re on back order because these hoodies are so hot and high in demand).  Shortly after arriving at the Stadium, I ventured over to  the Yankees Steiner Storein Section 114b to pay Super Joe Groglio a visit.  Joe  was brave enough to bear the cold weather Friday night and auctioned off some amazing Yankee keepsakes right out side the store including an autographed Joe Dimaggio photo and an autographed Mariano Rivera ball and photo just to name a few.  If you haven’t already, check out the store.  If you have, go back!  We are always bringing new and exciting items in.

Back to the NBA Playoffs…The Oklahoma City/Dallas game was intense. As expected, Dallas came out as a completely different team in the playoffs which probably explains why they took home the hardware last season.  I sometimes think Jason Kidd may play forever.  Outside of the Clippers’ incredible rally to overcome the Grizzlies at Memphis, the rest of the weekend’s games did not offer too much excitement.  Hopefully this isn’t any indication as to what to expect for the remainder of the playoffs.

I loved the Giants’ draft even if they let the Jets take Steven Hill. I have the utmost confidence that Hill will be a phenomenal player and I am excited to see him develop in the NFL.

Saturday was partially consumed by a visit to Rick Alessi and Atlantic Honda.  Every now and then it’s great to get a new car and this was my first really great experience buying a new car.   It almost felt like I was at  a BBQ at an old friend’s house.  The lot was packed, everyone was super friendly, and best of all, I left with a new Honda!  Oh Yeah!  Almost every sales office had a Steiner great memory. Rick’s office was no exception, I found Brandon’s book and a great shot of Rick with Yankee captain Derek Jeter.

Upcoming Steiner Sports Events:

Tomorrow is a huge day for Steiner Sports!  John Starks will be visiting Lord & Taylor in Stamford, long time Met and ’86 World Series champ Howard Johnson will be greeting fans and signing autographs at Lord & Taylor in Westfield and if that’s not enough, you can meet Hall of Famer Andre Dawson at the Steiner Store, where he will be signing autographs.

Twitter Update:

I still have not reached 4k followers but I have a good feeling my luck will soon change.  Stayed tuned and start following me on twitter if you aren’t already because I will be giving away some pretty cool stuff to a few lucky fans later this week. ( click these blue letters to follow me on twitter! )


Welcome JJ, Giants Draft Day Reminds Me of Ahmad Bradshaw

April 26, 2012

OK, last night I was at Butter, for a great party.

Shout out to Christopher Quincy.


When I think of the NFL draft you have to think of the steals, deals, and disappointments.

The Giants stole Ahmad Bradshaw (who now has two Super Bowl rings and plays with the heart of a lion). He is one of the best guys I have ever met in sports.

His rookie year, we would go grocery shopping and he would make Filet’s with a dreamy sauce and rice medley.  Ahmad has the extra gear, determination, and is the glue of the giants running game.  Big fumble recovery in Super bowl 42, and a few big plays down the stretch in the 2011.


Will there be an Ahmad in round six this year????

I think the way the Giants built both Super bowl teams was genius, as they combined experience, youth, and free agents.

The 2007 receiving core was Toomer, Burress, and Tyree, this year was Cruz, Manningham, and Nicks.

The entire Giants offense basically turned over in four years.  Eli, BJ, Ahmad, and Tom Coughlin, steady at the helm.

Lawrence Tynes….love the big kicks.   Tomorrow is Friday and I am giving away the Doc Gooden inscription ball.  You need to follow me on twitter

One of the greatest guys here at Steiner is JJ.  He does it all and is friendly knowledgeable and a great guy.  He is off site quite a bit at shows and games, so you will see him around.

Today he joins me in the blog.

Sports and Social Media

April 26, 2012

As one of Steiner Sports more active tweeters (@JJ_Molesso) I’d like to think I have my finger on the pulse of the sports world. A vital tool to knowing what’s going on every second of every day is social media. The great thing about this day and age is the constant access we have to our favorite teams and players 24/7/365. Wouldn’t it be wild if Babe Ruth was able to share photo’s of his personal life with fans or if Mickey Mantle was able to post updates about his nights out with Billy Martin? Whether it’s via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest; athlete’s and teams everywhere are embracing social media as a means to connect with fans and potential customers.

Growing up as a kid on long island I would love when local beat writers would pen a piece about my favorite players interests away from the court. If you were able to get the slightest glimpse into who our hero’s were away from the game you felt a instant connection to them. Now in 2012 we are able to feel like we are part of the players lives on and off the playing surface on a daily basis thanks to social media. Some of my favorite athletes to follow on twitter are:

Amare’ Stoudemire (@amareisreal)

Carmelo Anthony (@carmeloanthony)

Nick Swisher (@nickswisher)

Mariano Rivera (@marianorivera)

Justin Tuck (@justintucknyg91)

Victor Cruz (@teamvic)

Ray Rice (@rayrice27)

Nick Mangold (@nickmangold)

So if you’re a sports nut like myself and you’re not on twitter, what are you waiting for?? Log on and get connected, your won’t regret it!


JJ Molesso is a account executive for Steiner Sports Marketing and memorabilia, follow JJ on twitter @JJ_Molesso

One Punter Selected

April 25, 2012

You never know what’s going to happen at Steiner Sports.  Every day is different, and you never know what’s coming at you. A small morning meeting yesterday, I look up, and walking into Brandon’s office is Grand Ma Ma . 

So I say hey GRANDMAMA!

He says you can call me Larry.  No way, my whole life had I wanted to call you Grand Ma Ma.

Ladies and gentleman Larry Johnson is in the building.  Yes, he signed a Grand ma ma ball but you can’t have it, NOT FOR SALE!  lol

Then, all other crazy things are breaking loose, and I look up and I hear Winning and Grinning, no not the word man. 

I proudly show him my Grand Ma Ma ball, and tell him Larry was here.

Now, Clyde is signing Stumbling and Bumbling through the office and signing basketballs and squeezing in CROWD MUMBLIN. Doesn’t get any better than that! Tell me your favorite Clyde quote and be sure to visit his restaurant.

Come on folks help me get to the 4k twitter followers ……maybe I part with the beautiful Grand ma ma ball.

Why the craziness over the NFL draft? 

Name one player from last year in the top ten, Cam Newton doesn’t count. 

Ok you can’t, how many punters were selected? 

 One, Matt Bosher by Atlanta. 

 My favorite punter in the world is Steve Weatherford, I have my reasons. 

Number 2 selection last year, Von Miller, no way anyone remembers that. But draft means draft party. 

Party is what it’s all about.  Thank goodness for parties, as that keeps us busy.  Today was another crazy day, and it’s just beginning.  I had a super scare as I almost could not do my blog today.

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A Standing O at The Times Center

April 24, 2012

If you not at the Times Center last mnite you missed an epic evening.

The New York Times made everyone feel right at home while the place was buzzing as

if the Super Bowl was the Sunday before.  Victor Cruz and Eli manning were funny, engaging, insightful,

and whether you were a Giant fan or not, left loving these guys.  Brandon Steiner kept adjusting

the sails, as the questions ranged from family, life on the field, life  off the field, and the players many

charitable endeavors.

An hour and a half flew by and the next thing you know everyone in the audience is getting to meet the two Giant stars and get picture with by our talented Carlos.

This is a must watch, if you did not see it live, see it now.

Then on came the ranger game as everyone held their collective breath.  I had about 226 of the mini grilled cheese things, which probably added up to maybe three grilled cheeses in real life.   The party

downstairs was festive as two surprise guests pop by.  Chase Blackburn, and Ottis Anderson.  They were awesome, and eveyone was quite surprised.

Then, the place erupted when Derek Stepan fired in a goal to tie it at 1-1.

We have a  Knick superstar in the office right now by the way, he just walked past my desk.

Ok I think I got the point across that last night was great.   Enough said.

So today is a new day, andwe just finished setting up Antrelle Rolle for LOrd and Taylor in Eastchester

on Friday, Antrelle will be giving out free autographs.

I have to get back to the Met’s 34 one hit games.  How can that be?  It’s crazy.

However, what was I thinking yesterday as my ex Mets that threw a no hitter were rained out.

What a great site, no hitters.com came up with this.Ten pitchers who eventually played for the New York Mets threw no-hitters with one of their previous clubs. This elite crew includes Don Cardwell (Chicago Cubs), Warren Spahn (Milwaukee Braves), Dean Chance (Minnesota Twins), Dock Ellis (Pittsburgh Pirates), John Candelaria (Pittsburgh Pirates), Bret Saberhagen (Kansas City Royals), Al Leiter (Florida Marlins), Scott Erickson (Minnesota Twins), Kenny Rogers (Texas Rangers) and Hideo Nomo (Los Angeles Dodgers).

Billy Wagner (Houston Astros) and Ricardo Rincon (Pittsburgh Pirates) get “honorable mentions” for throwing single innings of no-hit ball during multiple-pitcher no-nos before joining the Mets.

Don Cardwell

My Don Cardwell baseball card

  • No-Hitter – May 15, 1960 – Chicago Cubs 4, St. Louis Cardinals 0 in Chicago

Don Cardwell, may have been in the latter part of his career when he joined the New York Mets in 1967, but he played a key part in guiding them to a World Series title in 1969. Cardwell, with the Mets from 1967 to 1970, had started the ’69 season 3-9, but he won his next five games down the stretch to help the Mets overtake the Chicago Cubs for the National League East crown.

Nine years before that, while pitching for the Chicago Cubs, Cardwell pitched a no-hitter against the St. Louis Cardinals. Cardwell died Jan. 14, 2008 at the age of 72.

Warren Spahn

My Warren Spahn baseball card

  • No-Hitter – Aug. 16, 1960 – Milwaukee Braves 4, Philadelphia Phillies 0 in Milwaukee
  • No-Hitter – April 28, 1961 – Milwaukee Braves 1, San Francisco Giants 0 in Milwaukee

Hall of Famer Warren Spahn won 363 games during his Major League career, most with the Boston/Milwaukee Braves. Unfortunately when he came to the Mets in 1965 as a pitcher and pitching coach, he didn’t have much gas left in the tank. Spahn, 44 in 1965, appeared in 20 games for the Mets, going 4-12 with a 4.36 ERA. After the team released Spahn in July, the San Francisco Giants picked him up and he finished out the last year of his career there.

Spahn’s no-hitter against the Phillies was impressive. He struck out 15 and walked just two during the 4-0 victory. In his second no-no against the Giants, he struck out five and walked two.

Dean Chance

My Dean Chance baseball card

  • No-Hitter – Aug. 25, 1967 – Minnesota Twins 2, Cleveland Indians 1 at Cleveland

Although the record books won’t admit it, Dean Chance’s no-hitter on Aug. 25, 1967 was actually his second that month! Just 19 days earlier, Chance yielded no hits while pitching the Twins to a rain-shortened 2-0 win against the Boston Red Sox.

Major League Baseball statiticians don’t recognize anything less than 9 innings, so Chance is only credited his no-no against the Indians, which came during Game 2 of a twi-night doubleheader. Oddly enough, he actually gave up a first-inning run in the game. Chance walked the first two batters he faced and a Caser Tovar error loaded the bases. Chance then threw a wild pitch, allowing Lee Maye to score.

Chance’s tenure with the Mets in 1970 lasted just three games, and he was 0-2 with a 13.50 ERA.

Dock Ellis

My Dock Ellis baseball card

  • No-Hitter – June 12, 1970 – Pittsburgh Pirates 2, San Diego Padres 0 in San Diego

What’s unique about Dock Ellis’ 1970 Pittsburgh Pirates no-hitter against the San Diego Padres? How about that it was likely the only hitless game thrown by a player tripping on acid.

That’s right, the urban legend is apparently true. Ellis has acknowledged taking LSD the day of the game as he was under the impression that the Pirates had a day off. Turns out he was scheduled to pitch Game 1 of a doubleheader. (See this Dallas Observer article for details of this infamous feat.) The win apparently wasn’t pretty, as Ellis walked eight and hit at least one batter.

In 1979, Ellis joined the Mets for part of the season, compiling a 3-7 record with a 6.04 ERA in 17 games of work.

John Candelaria

My John Candelaria baseball card

  • No-Hitter – Aug. 9, 1976 – Pittsburgh Pirates 2, Los Angeles Dodgers 0 in Pittsburgh

John Candelaria, a 20-game winner in 1977, wasn’t in New York very long, pitching just three games for the Mets in 1987 for a 2-0 record and 5.84 ERA. The Mets picked him up from the Angels in mid-September of that year, giving up Jeff Richardson and Shane Young. Candelaria was eligible for free agency at the end of the season and signed with the Yankees for 1988 season.

Candelaria’s no-hitter came in 1976, when the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 2-0. Candelaria struck out 7 and walked just one batter, though two other Dodgers reached base on errors.

Another intersting tidbit about Candalaria is that he holds the modern Major League record for most hits given up – four – while facing the minimum 27 batters in a game, Pirates vs. Braves – July 25, 1982.

Here’s how it went down: Candalaria lost his no-hitter in the first inning on a one-out Rafael Ramirez single, but catcher Steve Nicosia threw him out on a steal attempt. Bob Horner led off the second inning with a single to right, but Rufino Linares grounded into a 6-3 double-play. Horner also led off the eighth with a single to right, but this time Linares grounded into a 4-6-3 double-play. Glenn Hubbard got the game’s fourth hit in the ninth with a leadoff infield single, but Bruce Benedict cleared the bases with a 6-4-3.

Bret Saberhagen

My Bret Saberhagen baseball card

  • No-Hitter – Aug. 26, 1991 – Kansas City Royals 7, Chicago White Sox 0 in Kansas City

Bret Saberhagen had a lot of success for the Kansas City Royals, winning Cy Young Awards in 1985 (20-6 with a 2.87 ERA) and 1989 (23-6 with a 2.16 ERA). His no-hitter came in 1991 during a 7-0 Royals victory over the Chicago White Sox in Kansas City, but some have questioned whether it should have been ruled a no-no.

According to Baseball Digest, Royals outfielder Kirk Gibson got a late jump on a Dan Pasqua line drive in the fifth inning. Gibson made a last-ditch-effort jump at the warning track but the ball tipped off his glove, letting Pasqua reach second. The official scorer initially ruled it a hit but changed it to a two-base error after watching replays. Saberhagen had his no-no.

During the off-season, the Mets snagged Saberhagen from the Royals for outfielder Kevin McReynolds and infielders Greg Jeffries and Keith Miller (the Mets also got infielder Bill Pecota). Unforunately, Saberhagen’s tenure with the Mets from 1992 through 1995 was plagued with injures. His best season with the club was in 1994, when he went 14-4 with a 2.74 ERA

Scott Erickson

Scott Erickson baseball card

  • No-hitter – April 27, 1994 – Minnesota Twins 6, Milwaukee Brewers 0 in Minnesota

Scott Erickson, who made two starts with the Mets in 2004, threw a no-hitter as a Minnesota Twins starter a little more than ten years earlier.

Erickson began the April 27, 1994, contest against the Milwaukee Brewers with an ERA of 7.48, but the right-hander became the first Twins hurler in more than 27 years to toss a no-no with a 6-0 win at the Metrodome. The previous Twins’ no-no was by another eventual Met, Dean Chance.

Erickson walked four, hit a batter and threw a wild pitch during the game, letting runners reach second in the eighth and ninth innings before pitching out of the jams. His five-strikeout performance marked the franchise’s third no-hitter.

The Mets picked up the oft-injured Erickson in 2004, keeping him in their minor league system for a half year before bringing him up to the parent club for a couple of late July starts (he gave up 9 runs on 15 hits and four walks in eight innings of work). The Mets dealt him to the Texas Rangers on July 31 for a player-to-be-named-later (Josh Hoffpauir).

Kenny Rogers

My Kenny Rogers baseball card

  • Perfect game – Aug. 28, 1994 – Texas Rangers 4, California Angels 0 in Texas (Perfect Game)

Kenny Rogers is one of a select few major leaguers ever to throw a perfect game. But his 1994 gem against the California Angels is not how he’ll be remembered by most Mets fans.

Most of us will remember Rogers walking Andruw Jones with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 11th of Game 6 of the 1999 National League Championship Series, thus ending our quest for a third World Series title. To be fair, John Franco blew it the eighth and Armando Benitez screwed up in the 10th, so to pin everything on Rogers would be akin to Red Sox fans blaming everything on Bill Buckner when Calvin Shiraldi and Bob Stanley really set up their 1986 collapse. (Couldn’t resist bringing up that memory!)

Al Leiter

My Al Leiter baseball card

  • No-Hitter – May 11, 1996 – Florida Marlins 11, Colorado Rockies 0 in Florida

Al Leiter was a solid pitcher for the New York Mets from 1998 through 2004, having his best statistical season in 1998 with 17 wins, 6 losses and a 2.47 ERA. It was two years earlier that Leiter got his no-hitter with the Florida Marlins during an 11-0 route of the Colorado Rockies in Miami.

In 1999, Leiter was instrumental in getting the Mets into the playoffs, pitching a 2-hit complete game shutout in a winner-take-all one-game playoff against the Cincinnati Reds for the NL’s wild card slot. How did the rest of the playoffs go? See the Kenny Rogers item above.

Hideo Nomo

My Hideo Nomo baseball card

  • No-Hitter – Aug. 17, 1996 – Los Angeles Dodgers 9, Colorado Rockies 0 in Colorado

Hideo Nomo, who pitched for the New York Mets in 1998, holds the distinction of being the only player to pitch no-hitters both before and after his time with the Mets. He wasn’t with the Mets long, pitching just 17 games during the 1998 season and posting a 4-5 record and 4.82 ERA. Nomo’s other no-no was on April 4, 2001, when the Boston Red Sox beat the Baltimore Orioles 3-0 in Baltimore.

Honorable mentions

Billy Wagner: On June 11, 2003, former Mets closer Billy Wagner closed out the ninth for the Astros during a six-pitcher 8-0 no-hitter over the New York Yankees. Participating in the first interleague no-hitter (not counting Don Larsen’s World Series perfect game in 1956) were: Roy Oswalt (1 inning), Peter Munro (2 2/3 innings), Kirk Saarloos (1 1/3 innings), Brad Lidge (2 innings), Octavio Dotel (1 innings) and Wagner (1 inning).

Ricardo Rincon: On July 12, 1997, former Mets reliever Ricardo Rincon closed out the 10th inning for the Pittsburgh Pirates after starter Francisco Cordova threw nine innings of no-hit ball. The Pirates beat the Astros 3-0 in 10 innings for the first combined extra-inning no-hitter in National League history.


One Response to No-hitters … before they came to the Mets

A “Perfect Weekend”

April 23, 2012

 Boston pitcher Babe Ruth started a game against the Washington Senators in 1917. The Babe walked lead-off batter Ray Morgan. 

The Babe immediately went to home plate to scream at umpire Brick Owens after ball four; Ruth became so enraged that he punched Owens in the face.  Not surprising it earned the Babe Ruth a 10-day suspension.

Please meet Ernie Shore. Shore came in to replace the Babe. The batter Ruth walked was caught trying to steal. Then Shore retires all 26 men he faces in a 4-0 win. Because he didn’t start, his perfect game is not considered official.  Shore had eight nice years in the majors, finishing with a 602 winning percentage.  Like Ruth, he was sold to the Yankees.  At any rate Shore joined the near perfection list.

I am a huge perfect game fan, and the perfect game defines the craziness off baseball.

The first perfect game, Cy Young of course, in 1904.

Perfect game pitchers in HOF, 5, Bunning, Joss, Koufax, Hunter, Young.

Perfect game pitchers headed for the Hall of Fame, Roy Halladay, and Randy Johnson.

Remember Philip Humber?

Oh No…… Not Philip Humber.

Philip Humber who earlier in the day had less twitter followers than me. Damn.

Philip Humber joined the 21 Club, as the 21st pitcher to go perfect.  I think

Harvey Haddix and Pedro Martinez belong, that makes it 23 for me.  Just my opinion.

Then Philip joins the magnificent seven, Ex Mets with No No’s, 

Phil allow me to introduce you to Doc Gooden, Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Tom Seaver, David Cone, Al Leiter, and Hideo Nomo.

You are now and always will be part of a very special club.

Last week was a fun and exciting week as always at Steiner.  The 30 balls in 30 days giveaway is in full swing on sports grid

Tonight is extremely exciting as we have Eli Manning and Victor Cruz at the Times Center for a great chat with host Brandon Steiner.    

We have an incredible deal where you can watch this live and get a Steiner Sports $25.00 Gift card. 

Then the week moves to lots of excitement with Lord and Taylor (by the way the new store in Ridge Hill is amazing, Cheesecake factory right across the street if you’re hungry after shopping).

A must see this week is Bob Gibson on Thursday at the Steiner Store.  The guy was so good they lowered the mound.  I need to ask Bob on Thursday how he never had a perfect game?

Other weekend notes, Had the beautiful Vincent’s sauce with fresh mozzarella from Arthur Avenue.

Doc Gooden tweeted me last night, as I was tweeting about Ex Mets with no no’s he thinks Niese will get one soon.  OK Doc, it’s only been fifty years, and only the Mets and Padre’s have yet to throw a no no.

It was Jack Nicholson’s birthday.  Saw him on celebrity row as World Peace was disturbingly elbowing James Harden.   How many great players does Oklahoma City wheel out every night?

Landry Fields, love the threes!  Love the victory.

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Like to blog Love to tweet

April 20, 2012

Friday is the recap blog.  I need to first thank (where’s the blog Costello?) Zak Karow, who is instrumental everyday in raising my social networking IQ.  Zak actually taught me to read. 

On an iPad that is, as I polished off Mark Cuban’s book after two Chik Fil A’s in a Boston shopping mall.  By the time we reached New Rochelle, the book was finished. I’m only in the first paragraph and I’m rambling, it’s a blog!

Anyway, as I was walking around the NYC reservoir this morning, it gave me time to reflect, and I decided, I wanted 100,000 twitter followers by the end of the year.  

To get 100,000 twitter followers you need a plan.  So as I walked, I thought about my plan.

At Steiner Sports, something great goes on every day, as we turn moments into memories. 

Shaq has 5 Million followers give or take.  Maybe he will lend me some, or ask his followers to follow me. 


My plan is in motion.

In the twitter world you need people on your twitter team. 

Joe Sweeney, USA Today #1 Bestselling author would say, you need a twitter board of directors.  This is a group of people that tweet re-tweet, and have your twitter back.  

Ok I’m starting my board of directors today.  Zak (the chairman), Brooks, JJ, Tara, Keith, SammieWeathy, and the Real Joe Groglio, We all met on the internet.  Kinda. 

This week was an amazing week and next week will be great too.  We have HOF’er Bob Gibson at the Steiner Store, we have an incredible New York Times talk, with Victor Cruz and Eli Manning on Monday night, and we have Bill Trevor from web smart coming down on Monday to start our Beantown Facebook. 

Thursday night is a spectacular charity dinner for Toys R Us where we are bringing a secret special guest.

What I learned about my blog this week, is people will find you and give you praise, criticism and tell you who you left out. 

The most positive comments of course were on my Twinkie blog.  I guess the death of the Twinkie tugged on people’s heart strings. 

I must shout out to Roy White, an amazing Yankee great, who delivered an Emmy winning performance on his sports grid video, and now is a Steiner sports exclusive athlete.  We love Roy White!

Monday….I am back as we have a huge weekend of sports.  I will be reading Networking is a Contact Sport, watching the Rangers, and tweeting and re-tweeting. 

Need to come in Monday with 4k followers.

Have a great weekend everyone.